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Selenium Version Updates: What’s New in Each Release

Welcome to our guide on Selenium version updates!  

Selenium has long been a go-to tool for automating tests and ensuring web applications work smoothly.  

In this article,  

we’ll walk you through the different versions of Selenium and what each update brings.  

From big changes to small tweaks, each update has made Selenium even better, helping developers test their websites more effectively.  

Let’s dive in and see how Selenium has evolved over time to become a must-have for anyone building websites. 


Selenium Version  Release Date  Key Features 
Selenium 4.0 RC1  June 2021  – Native support for Chrome DevTools Protocol.  

– Enhanced Selenium Grid with Docker support, IPv6 addresses, user-friendly GUI, and compatibility with tools like Azure, AWS, etc.  

– Upgraded Selenium IDE.  

– Added “relative” locators for specific web elements. 

Selenium 4.0 Alpha 5  March 2020  – Improved docker support by utilizing unix domain sockets and the DOCKER_HOST env variable.  

– Reused the same HTTP client instead of creating a client per session.  

– Replaced OpenTracing with OpenTelemetry. 

Selenium 4.0 Alpha 4  January 2020  – Chrome Debugging Protocol mirrors the latest CDP spec. 

 – Added support for creating and removing virtual authenticators.  

– Added support for debugging virtual authenticators. 

Selenium 4.0 Alpha 3  July 2019  – Added “relative” locators.  

– Added ApplicationCache, Fetch, Network, Performance, Profiler, ResourceTiming, Security, and Target CDP domains. 

 – Ensured protocol converters handle the new session responses.  

– Moved to new Grid, deleting the old standalone server. 

Selenium 4.0 Alpha 2  May 2019  – Added Chromium-based Edge support, which also added a new Chromium driver to the tree.  

– Added extra domains for CDP: Network, Performance, Security, Target.  

– Enabled full page screenshots for Firefox.  

– Reworked HTTP abstractions for better support streaming. 

Selenium 4.0 Alpha 1  May 2019  – Removed deprecated methods and classes.  

– Grid supports standalone, hub, and node, and completely distributed usage.  

– Supports Docker containers within Grid Server.  

– Added element screenshot.  

– New Grid can output logs in single-line JSON format. 

V3.141.59  April 2019  – Tests that remote Host is properly read and set.  

– Fixed displayed content in help servlet.  

– Implemented WrapsElement by Select element wrapper. 

V3.141.0  November 2018  – Selenium server distribution package drastically reduced with HtmlUnit driver and all its dependencies removed.  

– W3C trumps the original Actions API.  

– Users must choose a release channel format to use in their tests depending on the browser version they run tests in.  

– Nodes and hubs in the grid can be started in any order. 

V3.14.0  August 2018  – Introduced experimental basic JPMS support.  

– Removed the GSON dependency.  

– Added High Sierra to the platforms. 

 – Added node info to hub status.  

– Allowed temporary installation of FF extension. 


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