How Rohith Kumar Transisted Career in Automation Testing From Manual Testing ?

Rohit Kumar Inspiring Success Story in Automation Testing

In the  world of  software development and quality assurance, the role of a software tester has evolved significantly. One such inspiring story is that of Rohit Kumar, Software tester an IT professional , who entered on a transformative journey from being a manual tester to becoming a proficient automation tester . In this blog, we bring you the inspiring story of  Rohit’s experiences, highlighting the steps, challenges, and insights that shaped his career transition.

Rohit’s journey began with a traditional role as a manual tester. With nearly 9 years of experience in the IT industry, he recognized the need to adapt to emerging trends and technologies. His decision to transition to automation testing marked a turning point in his career.

The Testleaf’s Touch

Learning and Upskilling

At the heart of Rohit’s transformation was a commitment to continuous learning. Initially one of his friend referred to Testleaf , he then took the initiative to enrol in courses that would equip him with the skills needed for automation testing. 

The Selenium Connection

Rohit’s transition was accelerated through his association with Selenium, a powerful automation testing tool. 

Then he joined Testleaf’s Selenium Training Program in Chennai  and also explored advanced topics such as API testing, enhancing his skill set further.

Not only that, he got a new job after the Selenium certification course  with help of Testleaf Advance career Training at the end of the course..

Tools he learned 

To enter into the Automation Testing career it is always good to learn Automation Testing Tools. Testleaf, helped Rohit Kumar to learn Automation Testing Tools like Selenium webdriver,TestTnG,Junit etc…

Multiple Courses, Multiple Skills 

Rohit’s journey was characterized by a multifaceted approach. He didn’t limit himself to a single course; rather, Explored a wide range  of training programs, each contributing to his proficiency in automation testing.

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The Transformation 

As Rohit progressed through his Selenium Testing  courses,  a noticeable shift in his approach and capabilities became evident. The practical knowledge gained during the selenium training empowered him to tackle real-world testing challenges more effectively.

Influence and Impact 

Rohit’s success story isn’t limited to his own transformation. He actively shared his experiences and knowledge with his friends and colleagues , encouraging them to embark on similar journeys. Many of his friends and colleagues  joined the TestLeaf courses and experienced positive career shifts.

Building a Strong Foundation

The courses he learned at TestLeaf results with a strong foundation in automation testing. From understanding Selenium intricacies to grasping the nuances of API testing, he developed a comprehensive skill set.

New Opportunities

Rohit’s successful transition opened doors to new opportunities in the software automation domain. His journey showcases that the right training and a proactive approach can lead to remarkable career achivements.


Rohit Kumar’s journey from manual testing to automation testing clarifies  the power of continuous learning, adaptability, and determination. His story underscores the importance of seeking out training programs that align with industry trends and leveraging them to achieve professional growth. As the software testing landscape continues to evolve, Rohit’s experience serves as an inspiration to all those aiming to carve a successful path in  automation testing.

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