Steps to Become A Successful QA Automation Tester

Steps to Become a Successful QA Automation Tester


It is a fact that Software development relies heavily on quality assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance helps to make sure that programmes are dependable, effective, and error-free. 

Automation testing has become a crucial tool in QA for obtaining quicker and more precise findings. 

By engaging in this process, equip yourself with skills aligning with your career; read the article 10 Must-Have Skills to Become an Automation Tester and learn more. 

In this article, we’ll look at how to become a productive QA automation tester, the abilities to know, the tactics and the brief step to becoming a successful QA Automation tester. 

1.Learn from well-trained testers

Testers with more experience are the option; Learning from them provides access to their wealth of knowledge, allowing you to benefit from their expertise. 

They can guide you in understanding the best practices, effective strategies, and proven techniques that lead to successful automation testing. 

By tapping into their experience, you can avoid common pitfalls, accelerate your learning curve, & gain a competitive edge and become an automation engineer.

Theory alone is not sufficient for mastering QA automation testing. Practical implementation is key to developing the necessary skills.

Well-trained QA automation testers can provide hands-on guidance and share real-world examples from their experiences. 

They can help you understand the practical aspects of test script development, test execution, and result analysis. 

By observing and learning from their practical implementation techniques, you can grasp the techniques of effective automation testing and enhance your ability to deliver reliable and efficient automated test suites.

2.Start learning today 

If you want to succeed in your career, start your journey today. 

Begin with learning tools; Automation testers can benefit greatly from tools and frameworks for test automation. 

Learn about well-known tools such as Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, JUnit, TestNG, or Robot Framework. To choose the best ones for your testing tasks, you must be aware of their features, benefits, and limits. 

Investigate continuous integration and delivery platforms that ease test execution and result analysis, such as Jenkins or GitLab.

Through this, you can adapt your learning knowledge and grow your career as a QA automation engineer

Constant learning as a QA tester

Learn how to integrate your test automation scripts into the CI/CT pipeline, allowing faster code change feedback. 

(Continuous integration and continuous testing – are two pipelines mentioned here)

By automating the execution of tests in parallel and incorporating them into the build process, you ensure that any potential issues are identified early on. 

This approach to testing promotes faster development cycles, and this helps in increasing the quality of the software.

To become an expert as a QA tester, you have to learn and make mistakes and correct those mistakes constantly. 

QA Tester

Problem-solving and analytical skills 

To become a successful QA automation tester, you must possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 

When faced with complex scenarios or unexpected issues, analyzing, diagnosing, and resolving problems efficiently is crucial. 

Develop your logical thinking abilities, hone your troubleshooting skills, and stay updated with the latest testing trends and best practices. 

Also, cultivate a mindset that embraces continuous learning as the automation testing field constantly evolves.


To become a Successful QA automation tester, you must be a great learner; added to that, you must also learn constantly. 

Become a blend of technical expertise, subject-matter expertise, and solve as many problems as possible. 

If you are looking for a career in automation testing, then adhere to these guidelines and continually improve your abilities. 

Never stop learning, adopt new approaches, and keep up with the newest tools and technology. You may excel in software quality assurance with hard work and determination.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)
As a fresher, what are the basic languages to become a successful QA tester? 

Basic popular programming languages for QA automation testing include Java, Python, C#, Ruby, and JavaScript.

What are some tools that testers use? 

Selenium webdriver, Appium, JUnit, TestNG, and Cucumber are a few of the tools that QA testers use. 

How can the efficacy of automated testing be evaluated? 

Various criteria, including test execution time, test coverage, defect detection rate, test script maintenance effort, and return on investment used to assess how successful automated testing is. 

What are the challenges that we face as QA tester?

Choosing the appropriate test cases for automation, maintaining test scripts as the application changes, dealing with synchronization problems, setting up and maintaining test environments, handling complex test scenarios, and adjusting to application functionality changes are all frequent challenges in QA automation testing.


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