Is ChatGPT Changing the Game in Test Case Writing?

Will ChatGPT replace software engineers

Will ChatGPT replace software engineers?

A query many have in the software field and something that threatens the entire population is ChatGPT.

Now, let us know the answer to the above question. First, ChatGPT will not replace software engineers as the bug is easily figured out and identified manually rather than using ChatGPT.

In this article, let us look into ChatGPT, Test case writing, ChatGPT vs Test case writing, and helpful prompts for test case writing.

Table of Contents

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • What is Test Case Writing?
  • ChatGPT and test case writing
  • Input/prompt: Create a test case for a signup form.
  • Closure Thoughts

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI tool created by Open AI, a chatbot trained to write and generate information.

The full form for GPT is Generative Pretrained Transformer. The recently upgraded GPT version is 3. As the versions change, the uniqueness and content also change.

ChatGPT plays a vital role in getting paraphrases, translating languages, and creating responses to queries.

ChatGPT’s human-like qualities may be used immorally for cheating, impersonation, or distributing false information. Concerns regarding students utilizing ChatGPT to cheat, plagiarise, and compose papers were raised by several educators.

CNET made headlines when it employed ChatGPT to produce articles rife with mistakes.

One main advantage of AI is that OpenAI has the ability to distinguish between human and AI text and human written context to avoid plagiarism and cheating.

Additional internet resources exist to determine whether the text was created by a human or an AI, such as Copyleaks and Writing.com. In addition, longer texts will get a watermark from OpenAI to indicate that it is AI-generated content.

What is Test Case Writing?

The cases that help you to follow the program using the instruction are called test cases. The test cases are of many types. The types are

  • Unit test cases
  • Functionality test cases
  • User interface test cases
  • Performance test cases

and many more.

Unit test cases: Unit test cases are nothing but a small component that helps in verifying if the execution is working or not.

Functionality test cases: This is also the same as the unit test cases, but there is one main difference it tests the application in the software requirements.

User interface test cases: It is also known as GUI Testing. These user interface test cases test the aspect of any software in the IT industry.

Performance test cases: The testing that is done between two different environments, say, for example, the testing happens in the monitor of the operation team and development team.

These are a few examples.

They outline how the software ought to perform under typical, unusual, and error-prone operating circumstances.

User requirements are transformed into a collection of test conditions and descriptions that show a system’s functionality by authoring test cases. For example, a test suite in an automated test script might consist of multiple test cases.

ChatGPT and Test Case Writing:

We all know that technology has evolved, and in today’s fast-paced world, software has developed a lot of work, and many things have changed. One among them is ChatGPT.

In the software world, test automation plays a vital role; continuous integration and delivery is the main part. Due to artificial intelligence and natural language processing development, new test automation methods have emerged in the current era. ChatGPT is one well-known example.

In such cases, the ChatGPT can provide test cases, the application’s functionality, and many aspects.

Now let us look into the prompts that we have given and the output.

Input/prompt: Create a test case for a signup form.

Prompt no 2: write a test case for a new order purchase.

Using ChatGPT, you can convert natural language descriptions into test automation scripts.

But one has to face a few cons/ struggles if one needs to gain knowledge of test automation and rely entirely on ChatGPT.

  • The system finds developing specialised test cases based on original programme designs difficult.
  • ChatGPT does not provide you with the knowledge or general affairs after 2022, so you have to work on the results, look into the technology tools, and upgrade yourselves on the requirement.
  • ChatGPT cannot provide customer experience or subjective-based test cases.
  • They do not provide human touch test scripts, so you could not see any aesthetic or emotional element in the software testing.
  • No matter what ChatGPT provides, one has to look into the content the GPT has provided as they might have grammatical, numerical, or logical errors in the content. Thus it is always good to recheck it once done.
  • Even though ChatGPT generates content for your requirement, if you need a specific requirement, being a software tester, it is necessary to possess knowledge of prompts.
  • Regarding prompts, it is good to practise and watch youtube and other software tutorials that help you teach how to use the prompt and use the ChatGPT to the fullest.
  • Also, know that ChatGPT cannot produce code to test for faults and is not intended to answer particular inquiries regarding the security requirements of a design piece.
  • A certain type of testing, namely exploratory, requires human intuition and creativity. In such cases, the ChatGPT cannot have the same level of intuition or process.

These are a few must-know things before using ChatGPT.

Closure Thoughts

By reading this article, you might have a clear idea of ChatGPT Vs Test case writing.

As said earlier, it is good to evolve as technology evolves, and so does the evolution of ChatGPT.

One must recognise the effectiveness of using ChatGPT and its natural language model.

If ChatGPT exists for a longer run, then there might be a reduced number of professionals; for example, the requirement of QA professionals a few years back for a team might have been 5, but after AI, the requirement will be 1 or 2.

Thus, it is certain that ChatGPT is really a game-changing AI tool. However, you must upskill your testing knowledge and use the ChatGPT wisely to get selected from millions.

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