5 Steps to Become a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner

5 steps to become a certified AWS cloud practitioner


Want to upgrade your career in Amazon Web Services and look for the methodologies to achieve your dream?

This article will guide you through all the possible ways where you can become a certified AWS cloud practitioner.

Read the article further, and with no time, get paid high by upgrading your career in AWS.

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5 Steps to Become a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner

Many cloud practitioners follow many steps, but here are selected techniques that the achievers practise. The steps involve a proper roadmap for preparing the course, building a strong foundation, documenting the learning, taking the AWS white paper test and taking online exams. Let us look into the gist of this topic further.

Prepare a Roadmap

Don’t focus on destiny; instead, focus on the process. Make sure each and every count towards destiny matters. Again, the road map is the best way to track the process.

Don’t only list your starting point when drafting your roadmap. To maintain focus on your goals and objectives, it is essential to establish where you are going.

Your well-planned strategy works well when you figure out the right way. Stay calm while in the process; stop, think, and focus o more to achieve your goal.

Linux, Docker, automation and configuration management technologies and at least one higher-level programming language should all be listed on your resume. So include these programs in the road map you have prepared.

Build a Strong Foundation

A strong foundation in the learning process and the confidence you set for yourself to achieve the process determine more.

The most effective strategy is to enrol in an online AWS test preparation course if you want to quickly arm yourself with the necessary learning resources so that you may concentrate your study time on your weaker areas.

These well-organized courses provide just enough material to give you a thorough overview of the AWS ecosystem without being overly technical.

The course in TestLeaf is designed with a learner-first approach and includes improving your AWS knowledge and skills in under two months!

Document the Learnings

Ensure to write or note things you have learnt before in digital form. This helps you when you revise for the exam.

Also, when you document your learning, it stays in your mind for a long time. Every time you complete the mock exams, review the answer, practise the errors, and note down the repeated errors and the errors you make for the first time.

This helps you identify your memory and learning ability. This documentation of what you have learnt has several benefits. When determining the best approach for your preparation, remember that AWS’s infrastructure and services change quite regularly.

Selecting an out-of-date course may hurt your chances of passing the exam rather than help you obtain the certification.

The same logic applies to using books and tangible copies of information as study aids—they may be out-of-date.

AWS White Paper

5 steps to become a certified AWS cloud practitioner

It must be stated how important the whitepapers are because they form the basis of many mock exam questions.

Whitepapers from Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a great resource for learning economics, security, and design.

Amazon whitepapers are created to speed up the deployment of a methodology and educate candidates on a certain topic.

If you are keenly interested in achieving the goal towards an AWS practitioner, then practice the AWS white paper.

Also, if you want to become a cloud practitioner in the upcoming years, know that AWS white paper might help you. Practising it often challenges you, and you can crack the exam easily.

Take Online Exams

One must agree that technology has increased, and learning methodologies have also been enhanced.

Taking online assessments helps you in many ways; for example, you might get a feel of writing a real exam at one stretch, and in some cases, the exam you have taken provides the result after the submission.

You must enrol in a course that thoroughly justifies right and wrong answers. This is a fantastic approach to growing from and comprehending your mistakes.

Certain testing environments let you review your responses as you go along, imitate the actual AWS exam experience, and concentrate on particular areas of study. These are fantastic advantages that will greatly improve your academic education.


This article has given you a clear idea about becoming a certified AWS cloud practitioner.

The tricks and tips mentioned above help you in the learning journey and provides you with the knowledge to develop your skills.

Ensure the commitment towards the learning process and positive mindset is going to achieve in this field.

You can approach TestLeaf for AWS online classes. We help you by providing mock tests and AWS learning materials and guiding you throughout the journey.

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