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The 6 Biggest Challenges of REST API Testing

Challenges of REST API Testing


“Challenges are everywhere; solving and executing them is rare.”

In this article, we will deal entirely with REST API Testing and the six biggest challenges in REST API.

Let us look into how test automation can help resolve the challenges.

Read further for a clear idea.

What is Rest API?

Restful API or Rest API is an application programming interface with Restful web services and a framework style that helps develop a website.

This was invented by Roy fielding, a computer scientist.

To know the benefits of Rest API, read our article, “Top 3 benefits of REST APIs.

The 6 Biggest Challenges of REST API Testing

Let us dive into “The 6 Biggest Challenges of REST API Testing.”

Parameters in Testing Combination

The parameters in REST API are a combination of many; in such cases, the variety can trigger a faulty program. In this case, a faulty program can expose the application programming interface and thus lead to a crash. The only way to avoid this is to test all the combinations of REST API parameters.

As you know, this requires a significant period; therefore, you need testing that automatically generates specific tests.
Thus make sure to secure the REST API with the correct combination.

Irrelevant Test

REST API’s most significant and challenging task is ensuring it is independent and has endpoints. Construction of tests without considering how APIs will be used may be quicker in the short run.

However, you won’t be testing across concerns, making finding and fixing potentially serious API problems harder. Integration tests are procedures created across several units or functionalities in conventional software testing. It may be simpler to create integration tests for APIs. For example, consider a common commerce API scenario.

You must check the test shopping cart API and inventory API to verify whether it is independent. You must evaluate the flow to ensure that the APIs used in the example above function as intended.

Each of the APIs used in the scenario may function when examined alone.

Reporting the Error in Rest API

Before getting into the topic, let us know the two box testing types. One is a conventional black box, and the other is white box testing.

The usefulness of test inputs and the worth of test reports are significantly diminished by the inability of conventional black-box testing tools to quantify test coverage during REST API testing.

White-box testing strategies allow testers to produce input that broadly covers the tested product while offering thorough error reports and code coverage visibility.

Developers may organise their testing efforts with these reports and give their group information.

Manual Maintenance of API

Many development tools are available. The main advantage of developing tools is that they help automate your workflow, so it is optional to manually do the testing as they are too clumsy and time-consuming.

As a tester, we at Testleaf educate students to test API, help you change multiple tools and create a functional test, and provide insights on API testing, load testing and API monitoring.

By learning this, you don’t have to test API manually.

API Call Sequences

APIs manage system communication by giving characteristics and data values and transmitting those parameters through data requests. Testing every conceivable parameter request combination in the API is essential to check for issues relating to particular setups.

A more significant project can give the same input to two different values or produce instances where numerical values appear where text values ought to. The number of viable options exponentially grows when a new parameter is added.

Tracking System Integration

The last one is the tracking process to track data accurately. This is required to get accurate feedback on whether a call functions correctly. The performance of APIs is also passively observed using it.

The team might need to be more worn out to give this phase the required consideration because it could occur very late in the process.


Statistics say, “Over 90% of developers use API”.

By looking into the overall percentage, you might know how important the Rest API is in web development.

We at Testleaf help learners to gain practical experience, create a growth mindset and align students’ passion. So Enrol today, and upgrade your career!



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