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Is Cloud Practitioner a Good Career in 2023

Is cloud practitioner a good career in 2023


We have heard the term “cloud practitioner” many times over the past few years.

They are essential and have been used for years in many fields, and cloud practitioners play a vital role in the working industry.

In this article, let us look into the career scope of a cloud practitioner in 2023.

What is a Cloud Practitioner?

Cloud practitioner provides knowledge of cloud concept, services and terminology. In AWS cloud practitioner, one can learn the fundamental understanding of Amazon Web Services.

The four main domains in AWS cloud practitioner are security, billings, pricing, and technology. One must know all the basic knowledge to boost their professional credibility. Apart from this, one must have technological knowledge, web development skills, coding, and architecture skills to grow in a cloud practitioner career.

As the need for cloud practitioners is increasing, more is needed regarding the cloud practitioner profession. So you can learn and build a bright career in this profession.

To know more about it, read the blog 10 AWS Cloud Practitioner essentials you should know in 2023 and gain more knowledge.

Step-By-Step Process to Learn the Cloud Practitioner

During the initial stage of learning, have a basic knowledge of cloud practitioners of the AWS cloud platform. Gain knowledge in benefits, knowledge, AWS terminologies and other business requirements. Choose the optimal AWS service according to your information, computing, databases, and privacy needs.

Basic knowledge of AWS in database migration service.

Learn about the Amazon data management service types and how the AWS Schema Conversion tool functions.

Choose the optimal AWS service following your data, computing, databases, and encryption needs.

These are step-by-step processes in learning the cloud practitioner. To gain more knowledge on cloud practitioners, join any classes and get hands-on experience in learning the AWS course.

Skills to Know for Becoming a Cloud Practitioner

Here are the top skills required to become a cloud practitioner. Learn these skills and get paid high.

  1. Know how the software and hardware of how the system works.
  2. Get perspective on the problems and workflows of end users, then utilise that information to create solutions that boost productivity.
  3. Possess a solid understanding of a development’s technological improvements so they can create a compelling argument for buy-in.
  4. Fix the problems related to scalability.
  5. Address issues with 3rd programme integration.
  6. Administration and oversight of cloud platforms.
  7. Understanding of BASH scripting, Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript.
  8. Monitoring the design and implementation of apps on Amazon platforms.
  9. Capabilities in security and network connectivity
  10. Creating strategies for implementing cloud solutions.
  11. Administration and oversight of cloud platforms.
  12. Developing and designing cloud-based applications.
  13. Knowledge of data security and compliance regulations.
  14. Basic knowledge of Linux OS, where you have to learn how to connect with docker.

These are a few skills one should know if one prefers to upgrade your career as a cloud practitioner.

Career Scope of a Cloud Practitioner in 2023

AWS certification is worth enough for many reasons. One such reason is the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning experience. In addition, according to research, many people hire people with vast knowledge in the cloud industry. Stats say there will be a high demand in the future, and learning AWS is a good use of time. Furthermore, you might increase your skills and pay high.

AWS controls about a third of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) market, another reason you should begin your cloud computing adventure with it. This surpasses the combined offerings of the two suppliers, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

In the coming years, AWS is poised to experience exponential growth if this pattern persists, which analysts predict it will.

Consequently, for IT professionals and those looking to expand their businesses and skill sets on this well-respected platform in 2023, earning an AWS certification is a wise career move. Small and medium-sized businesses need cloud techniques to improve their business. Therefore, it is also expected that it will increase over the period. This has increased the need for cloud specialists that can help firms smoothly switch from traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud.

One of the causes you should think about getting an AWS certification today is because in-depth knowledge and skill in cloud platforms, especially AWS, has grown to be a vital tool for businesses of all sizes.

To get placed in the top industry, one must build trust, credibility and expertise among the person who hires. For example, the person might hire you by showing your skills and certification course.


cloud practitioner's skills and career scope for 2023

Hope you’ve got a clear idea of a cloud practitioner’s skills and career scope for 2023!

Many think that having a profession as a cloud practitioner is the toughest thing, but it is not if you update yourself on it and by having a basic knowledge of it.

To have a clear understanding, enrol now at Testleaf; to upgrade your skills and career.


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