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How can a QA or Test Engineer Become an SDET?

How can a QA or Test engineer become an SDET


Are you a QA or test engineer figuring out how to upgrade your career as a software development engineer in a test?

Then read this entire article to get a clear idea of software development engineer in testing.

Ready to read? Here we go!

What is SDET?

Software development engineering in testing is the complete form of SDET. In testing, the highly professional course is SDET. As an SDET, you must be well-trained in software testing.

To become an SDET Professional, you must be a skilled manual tester and a quality assurance in the testing field.

SDET frequently works on creating high-quality, reliable, and fast code that helps automate test cases or construct testing frameworks that may be used as testing tools. SDET also examines the software product’s design and development procedures.

How can a QA or Test Engineer Become an SDET?

Here is the answer!

If you are a Quality Assurance or a Test engineer in software development, you are halfway through becoming a software development engineer in testing.

The first step is to brush up on all your programming skills(c, c++, java or any other)

Now the second step is to improve your framework by solving complex problems.

Know the roles and responsibilities of SDET.

If you need to learn about it, read further and equip your skills. Gain knowledge on hosting, Domain Name Systems (DNS), Application Programming Interface (API) and other software architecture.

Know to handle different types of data. Data include relational databases and non-relational databases. Have a basic idea of software tools like Watir, Selenium and Lambda. Agile and DevOps methodologies are now widely recognised as essential strategies for developing software more quickly and effectively.

Thus knowledge of Agile and DevOps is an added advantage.

DevOps aims to create a strong connection between the development team and IT operations, while Agile’s goal is to get quick reactions from the team in response to feedback received from frequent sprint evaluations. To find the root causes of test case failures, inefficient code, memory leaks, etc., and correct these problems to improve the code’s quality, a competent SDET should possess strong debugging skills.

SDET should then be able to produce a list of all his testing activities to aid in work tracking.

These are technical skills that one must require to become an SDET; apart from this, being a good communicator, a team player, and having an adaptive mindset are a few non-technical skills that one must possess to become a skilled SDET,

To learn more about skills on SDET, read our article “5 Key skills required to become SDET Professional” and enrich your knowledge.


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