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IT Careers for Non-Technical Professionals: A Guide to Getting Started

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Statistics say that the number of IT employees, as per the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NAASCOM), directly employs more than 51 lakhs in the fiscal year 2021 – 2022.

The above-given fact has a high chance of increasing in the future fiscal years. Before reading the article, Read Freshers Programs: A Platform to Kickstart Your Career Ambitions for more insights on industrial technology as freshers.

Now let us look into IT Careers for Non-Technical Professionals: A Guide to Getting Started

And further in this article, let us look at important pointers that every non-technical professional must know.

Table of Contents

  • Do Research
  • Certification Courses
  • Joining as an Intern
  • LinkedIn Profile Updation
  • Network with People
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Conclusion

Do Research:

Researching the particular role that you will apply for or your interest in plays a vital role.

For example, you get a product from a market or any online application. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is research. Likewise, before joining a course, you must research the course schedule; if you are willing to join a certification course or look for any online content, exploring the best certification institution or online content is essential.

Research must also be based on skills that are aligned with you based on your interest and strengths. For example, the IT field contains cyber security, software development, IT counselling and other roles.

Certification Courses

Even though you learn from youtube or your close circle, certification is an added advantage in the IT industry. So again, it is important to have a certification course wherein you are aware of your strengths and skills.

One important note that many miss out on in the certification course is that they gain certificates from highly valuable institutions. So make sure the institute you learn provides certification courses and helps you validate your interest and other skills.

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Joining as an Intern

The best way to start your career in IT is to join as an Intern for less than five months, provided you have a certification course in a reputed institution. If you dont have any certification courses, have your intern period extended for eight months?

Suppose you have a free certification course in the relevant field from Udemy, Coursera, Great Learning, Alison, Yale University or any other free course. In that case, it is mandatory to experience as an intern for at least six months.

Gaining the practical knowledge of what you have learnt and experience of working in the IT industry does wonders as a fresher in your career.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Currently, a resume, CV, or portfolio is mandatory, but having a well-established LinkedIn profile is well enough to join a reputed software company like TCS, WIPRO, IBM and other IT industries.

Add relevant skills, experience, certification courses and other awards you have won during school and college.

Apart from this, it is mandatory to be consistent enough to post on LinkedIn, network with like-minded people, and know your industry and current to-date updates in the industry you are skilled in.

Network with People

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No matter your industry, networking plays a major role in your career, especially in the career transition. After a long career gap, building relationships with relevant people helps you in many ways.

Networking does not mean you only have to connect, follow, like or comment on their social media accounts; connection is more than that; you should attend conferences, meet-ups, and industry events, and if interested, take freelance projects you can learn from.

While networking, find out who inspires you and someone famous in the industry, and then look for mentorship. Mentors encourage and guide you in building your skills and scaling you to industry-level standards. Thus building a network is important in getting a reputed job.


Evaluate yourself by knowing your pros and cons, interest, and mindset on the IT industry. There are n number of IT fields, such as project management, data analysis, cyber security, software development, etc. Choose the one that suits you.

One best way to evaluate yourself is to learn what sort of work you are good at, whether in technical or non-technical fields, to figure out what soft skills you are good at. Say, some might be good at communication skills, other organization skills, leadership skills or any other.

Look into those skills and figure out ways you can input into the IT industry. This is one way of self-evaluation. Similarly, there are many ways to know them and use them accordingly.


If you upgrade your skills, these are the top must-know things in IT careers for non-technical professionals.

If you are a fresher looking to upgrade skills, you better take up a certification course and, after the course, join a company wherein you upgrade your skills, which is an effective way to develop yourself.

Start-ups are the best place if you are a fresher, as you can gain industry exposure and other skills. However, one of the main advantages of a non-technical IT career is that there are numerous opportunities, so make use of it.

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