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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Selenium

Numerous gadgets and devices are getting higher around us. Only partially complete tasks will be a possible action to do. Then what will be the solution to pick a full stop on this activity? Selenium makes all this work more accessible with its automated option and more. There are many possible reasons why to choose Selenium for your learning purpose.

With all due note, let’s just fix the topic. Do you know why Selenium has been the top among all? Features, benefits, and components have many higher-end characteristics that need to be noted.

It has four major components: Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and Selenium Webdriver. Each component has its own guidelines and characters to follow, and each method provides added benefits.

Why Should You Learn Selenium?

Selenium is a free and open-source tool for websites and web applications on various operating systems. In the software sector, it is used to verify website functionality.

The upside of mastering software testing in Selenium is the abundance of creativity it affords.

Although it may appear comparable to a detector’s work, you must familiarise yourself with a wide range of new terminology to guarantee that you constantly expand your knowledge and skill set. In addition, the data-driven methodology of this technology allows you to do away with all according to your understanding effortlessly.

Do you know 5 Benefits of Selenium Webdriver for Automation Testing

Is It Best Than Any Other Tools?

Selenium is all about choices. It offers unlimited options for testers from languages to the operating system. But remember, it is not just a single tool but a complete package. With fewer components, it is a suite of tools where it plays an emerging role in the development of web applications.

The technical support for Selenium is entirely dependent on its community because of its open-source tool. In that case, Selenium has a vast and responsive community that allows for constant updates and upgrades to the tool.

Selenium community has large and active user support that offers comprehensive knowledge for its benefits. This makes the tool highly innovative and cost-effective.

Now let’s know the possible reasons for learning Selenium would be a wiser option.

Combination Of Other Tools Are Easy

The ease with which Selenium may be combined with other open-source tools is another one of its main selling points. When these resources are combined with Selenium, automation becomes a reality. Online Automation Testing Course enables you to learn easy automation for using Selenium. Without the adaptability of the Selenium web testing tool, they can’t compete.

Both the stuff can be easily less compared to the other one. However, it also provides a more significant opportunity for all.

Framework Availability 

Since Selenium offers a wide variety of frameworks, which may be considered templates for software, it is increasingly being adopted by many large companies.

As a result of using these frameworks, users only need to make minor adjustments to the code to adapt it to various scenarios. Time spent writing code and testing that code is reduced as a result. In the field of Selenium, the most popular frameworks are:

  • Framework for Data-Driven Testing
  • Framework for Testing Based on Keywords
  • System for Hybrid Testing
  • Test Plan for Modules

Multi-browser Support

It is the most important reason for every developer to learn Selenium because of its quality in supporting multiple programming languages. Numerous programming languages are available worldwide, like Java, Python, PHP, etc.

To specialize and have a career in testing and automation, every developer must learn or know at least one programming language. It is also common that every market expects you to get specialized in the range of programming languages they use.

Anyhow, this concept has been eaten by Selenium completely. Therefore, starting your testing career using Selenium is valuable, even if you specialize in one programming language (this tool supports multiple programming languages).

Demand For Selenium Testers

There is a need for Selenium-accredited testers because the Selenium tool is a highly sought-after piece of auto-testing equipment, and many companies are actively looking for people with Selenium testing certifications. In addition, the need for Selenium testers has increased proportionally to the steady rise in Selenium’s popularity.

Flexibility In Designing Test Cases

Selenium testers can use open-source tools to maintain the quality of the automated case, which cannot provide consistency in the quality of the outcome. Moreover, it depends on how it goes and how it updates not only regularly. Script tools can be done along with designing test cases that provide flexibility on all types.

No Special Browser Demands

Selenium does not require any particular browser or operating system, making it a highly desirable learning tool. In addition, it may run on low-end hardware without special requirements, like a large capacity of RAM and no extra space on the hard drive.

Selenium can run smoothly on any operating system—moreover, it tests websites and web applications in any browser installed on the computer. It is easy to use Selenium on any running Windows, macOS, Linux, etc., and browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Parallel And Distributed Testing

Selenium has the feature of executing multiple Selenium test cases on the same machine or remote machines. By using Selenium Grid test cases, it can be easily achievable on remote machines.

Performing parallel and distributed testing will save time in running tests, executing tests on the same machine, and also conduct the tests on all sorts of web servers. It is mandatory to perform the test cases quickly and systematically without interruption, which is impossible with other types of tools.

If the user is not interested in setting Selenium Grid on the system, they can use Lambda Test (online Selenium Grid), which gives access to more than 2000 browser environments where it is possible to run tests and automate cross-browser testing.

Dependency On GUI Systems Is Zero

Selenium on GUI-based systems has zero dependencies; the testing can be performed on web servers. Furthermore, by executing and combining with other devices, automation testing can be accomplished easily by scheduling it. Finally, the user’s machine will improve significantly because of the zero dependencies on GUI.

Flexibility In Designing Test Cases

Every Selenium user has their elasticity in designing the test cases by either using playback and record method or programming logic. To gain the necessary technical knowledge in scripting webdriver code, Selenium IDE can record the programming logic’s exporting and testing equivalent to the programming language of their choice by executing it as a WebDriver test. Therefore, users sometimes utilize Selenium Webdriver as their programming language to write their logic test cases.

Strong Presence In DevOps Lifecycle

Many companies are moving from Agile and waterfall Lifecycle to DevOps Lifecycle. Selenium is an integral part of the continuous testing phase in the DevOps lifecycle.

Very few testing tools qualify as part of the DevOps lifecycle because it highlights using open-source tools, and that’s where Selenium comes into the role ideally in the system.

Closure Note

Every beginning as it ends, before closing this article, it is necessary to know how important Selenium is for every tester to gain knowledge in the industry. It is one of the simplest tools rather than any other—Master the art of Selenium by joining our premium Selenium certification course program. Let’s make Selenium more valuable and interesting by learning.

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